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The pace and performance of LED lighting advances is accelerating and surpassing expectations, according to speakers for the “LED and Green Lighting Seminar” at LED EXPO 2011. The signature conference event of LED EXPO was held June 21-23 at KINTEX, running concurrently with the exhibition.
Key note speaker Dr. Ian Ferguson, Chair of the Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, traced the history of LED development from its early roots in 1907 as an observed phenomenon and noted the rapid pace at which LED technology is advancing today. “Current production lighting are 100% higher efficacy than best production LEDs only 18 months ago,” according to Ferguson. Kimura Tomoaki, Asia General Manager for GE Lighting, agreed with Ferguson about the pace of advance saying that “LED performance is exceeding projections”. He anticipates 150 lumens/watt efficacy in LEDs by 2015.
Fredric Quan, former head of OIDA and current president of Quan Associates, noted that the key to continued progress for the LED industry is a strong R&D program. “However, research funding to further improve this technology is fragile and uncoordinated, “said Quan. He called for an international effort to “unify programs, create common standards, and avoid costly duplication.” Quan cited the recent formation of the International Solid State Lighting Alliance as a step in the right direction in this effort.
It is clear from the LED and Green Lighting Seminar is that Asia will continue to play a prominent role in the future of the industry. Seung-Hei Jeong, Deputy Director, Electronics & Information Industries Division of the Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy, reiterated his government’s goal to be ranked among the top 3 countries worldwide for the LED industry by 2012. In an overview of the future of the LED industry in China, Ickjin Park of McKinsey & Company in Seoul, reported that the Chinese government is pushing for outdoor lighting to achieve 30% LED penetration into general lighting by 2015. “Made in China” will also become more prominent in the industry, Park added, as China has “20% cost advantage in upstream (production) and more in downstream.” Dr. Jianhua Zhang of Shanghai University in China noted that there are already more than 400 companies in the LED sector in Shanghai alone.
OLED lighting was a featured component at the LED and Green Lighting Seminar with six sessions devoted to that growing segment of the industry. “OLED displays are rapidly becoming established in the small display segment, mainly as a result of Samsung’s championing of the technology,” said David Fyfe, Senior Advisor to Sumitomo Chemicals, Japan. TVs will be the next big battleground between LEDs and OLEDs, said Fyfe. He predicts OLED TVs will enter the market by 2013 and be a major component of the high end market by 2015.
Dr. Jeong-Ik Lee of the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute in Korea believes OLEDs are promising candidates for the next generation of solid state lighting as well. According to Lee, “power efficiencies of OLEDs have already outperformed those of incandescent bulbs and are close to those of fluorescent lamps.”
As in the past, the seminar was also an important platform for presentation for the latest developments in LED and OLED technology. Thought and industry leaders presented advances in GaN-based LED fabrication and efficiency issues as well developments in new materials and packaging. Speakers contributed from top industry players including G.E. Lighting, Everlight Electronics of Taiwan, Sanyu Rec of Japan, Unidym of the USA, and Yole Development in France.

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LED EXPO 2011 Announces Conference Speaker Line-up

Seoul, May 18, 2011 — LED Expo 2011 has announced the speaker line–up for its upcoming “International LED & Green Lighting Seminar 2011 (ILGLS).” The three-day conference program, which will be held at KINTEX outside Seoul from June 21-23, runs concurrently with the LED EXPO 2011 exhibition. This year’s program highlights some of the intangible, “emotional benefits” of LED lighting in addition to detailed regional market projections and technology updates.

“The gathering of industry thought leaders that we’ve put together for this conference will

provide a measure of the pace and direction of the ongoing revolution in lighting and display,” said Professor Moo Whan Shin of Yonsei University, co-chair of conference program.

Keynote speakers for the conference are Ian Ferguson, chairman of the Electrical Computer Engineering Department at the University of North Carolina/Charlotte, and Kimura Tomoaki, Asia General Manager of G.E. Lighting. While Tomoaki will address GE’s LED strategy, Ferguson will take a “what would Thomas Alva Edison do” look at the pace of development in the solid state lighting industry.

Wu Ling, president of ISA China, will lead the key national market overviews with a discussion of China’s LED policy and current market situation. Hiroshi Amano of Nagoya University will speak to the LED industry environment in Japan while Fredric Quan, former president of the Optoelectronics Industry Development Association, will discuss SSL research programs in the   in the USA.       

The conference will also feature some of the softer benefits of LED lighting. Dr. Hyeon-Jeong Suk of KAIST, Korea will introduce LED lighting applications as emotional lighting. As an LED designer, Professor Suk will talk about cognitive and emotional characteristics of people when exposed to various illumination designs Dr. Jeebum Lee of Chonam National University, Korea, will address LEDs as a therapeutic for dermatology.

An expanded speaker roster for OLEDs is another highlight of the 2011 conference. Six speakers will cover technology and market developments in the burgeoning OLED sector. David Fyfe, noted OLED authority and president of David Fyfe Consulting, will address overall global OLED market trends and current technology. Dr. Sehwan Son of LG Chem Research Park in Korea will address the entrance of OLED panels in the lighting industry.

The last day of the conference is given to individual company technology updates and will include presentations from GE Lighting and Momentive Performance Materials from U.S., Japan’s SANYU REC, Taiwan’s EVERLIGHT, Korea’s STARNET CO., LTD., MODERN HIGHTECH and others.

Also, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and VDE Global Service will talk about current global SSL trends in energy efficiency and the introduction of the VDE mark and CE mark for luminaries.

Registration for the exhibition and conference is available through the home pages of ,, A pre-registration discount will be offered through June 17, 2011.


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International LED and Green Lighting Seminar 2010

The LED EXPO & OLED EXPO 2010 will be held from June 22nd to 25th in the Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX), Hall No.3 and 4. I wish to announce upcoming event which during the period of this exhibition, June 22-24, 8th Intl LED and Green Lighting Seminar 2010 (ILGLS) will be held. The academic and technical seminars will be running for 3 days by LED industrys leading companies of domestic and foreign academia of prominent speakers.

If you register seminar via online registration before June 19th there will be 20% discount benefit.

* Int’L LED and Green Lighting Seminar 2010

– Period: June 22nd to 24th

– Venue: Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX), Grandball Room

– Program:

Thank you.

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Int'l LED and Green Lighting Seminar Outline


June 22(Tue) ~ 24(Thu). 2010
2F Grand Ballroom KINTEX, Goyang-si
Hosted by
Korea LED Association(KLEDA),Korea Photonics Technology Institute(KOPTI)
Optoelectronics Industry Development Association(OIDA)
Supported by
Korea Association For Photonics Industry Development,
Japan LED Association
(By June 15, 2010)
On-site Registration
(June 22~24, 2010)
1 Day
USD 150 USD 200
2 Days
USD 250 USD 300
3 Days
USD 350 USD 400
CD (Electronic Versions of Proceeding)
USD 100
※ Registration fee includes one proceeding book and lunch.
※ CD contains full presentation materials of speakers.

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All payment should be made out to by bank transfer
    in US $, to the following account.
Payment Due : June 15, 2010
Beneficiary :
Bank : WOORI Bank, Yeouido Branch, Seoul, Korea
Account No : 1081-400-293476 (SWIFT CODE : HVB KKRSE)
Int’l LED and Green Lighting Seminar 2010 Secretariat
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Fax : +82-2-783-7292
E-Mail :

Int'l LED and Green Lighting Seminar_ILGLS 2010

Dear Friends and Colleagues,It is our great pleasure to cordially welcome all of you to the International LED and Green Lighting Seminar 2010. This international seminar is held in the KINTEX located in Koyang, Korea from the 22nd to 24th of June, 2010 in conjunction with the International LEDexpo, proudly the largest in scale and the longest in history as an LED related event in Korea. The seminar has been held every year since 2003 and it has provided all the participants the most updated and valuable informations on LED technologies and strategies from the leading LED societies worldwideAs the seminars held in the past 7 years, this year’s seminar will emphasize more practical issues in LEDs from the industry and academy side. The seminar consists of several core sections ; “frameworks for LED industries in view of market trend, cost reduction, and intellectual properties”,  “national road maps and strategies on LEDs”, “progress and issues in standardization of LED lightings around the world, “multi-disciplinary technical issues on epitaxial growth, devices, packages, characterization, and applications and systems” in LED and OLED, and a special section for “the most updated technological breakthroughs from the leading LED companies”.We do hope that all the participants enjoy the staying in Korea as well as the seminar program itself. We also sincerely wish all of the participants continuing success in your research and business in this exciting field.June 2010


Dr. Moo Whan Shin, Co-Chair

Myong Ji University, Korea
Dr. Michael Lebby,
President and CEO
Optoelectronics Industry Development Association (OIDA), USA
Dr. Atsushi Okuno,